Booked Through July

The studio doors are currently closed through July as I am thoroughly booked, though not on your traditional web design projects.

This summer I will be taking two months to travel and do some non-business related work.

First, for the month of June I will be in Mongolia where my brother’s non-profit Edurelief is located. In addition to taking time to realign the website (primarily content and site architecture updates) I will be helping him, with others, as he begins building a house. I’ve already been here a couple days and, well, we had snow today…in June. At the same time I will be finishing up a final freelance project.

In July I will be giving up my computer and leaving Mongolia for the Philippines where I will work as an audio and visual tech for a month of stage performance shows. Live production is another passion of mine and I love being able to do it all over the world. Obviously, this won’t be an ideal time to do any web related work!

So if you have a project you were hoping I could do for you, I’m sorry. Shoot me an email and perhaps we can schedule something out for later this year.