Currently, Around the Site

It's pretty well established that personal sites are a great place to tinker and experiment. This site is no exception—for a while, I've been trying to finish porting my old blog posts here, but I keep getting distracted by poking at and playing with other parts of the site.

Currently, I have several branches of work going on, all in various states of completion:

  1. As I said, finish moving over the old blog posts so everything is in one (hopefully long-term) location.
  2. Wait, that's a lot of posts. I know, add a search function to the blog!
    1. This is being done using Netlify functions, and I want to do a write up about it...once it's complete. I stopped working on the old blog port to play with this.
  3. Set up a CMS for posting instead of using raw Markdown and pushing the code to Github manually.
    1. I was going to look at Netlify's CMS for this, but then thought it would be nice to host it myself on my Raspberry Pi.
  4. Whoops. Create a self-served secure site to host a future CMS.
    1. Write the CMS. 😬

And then there's the to-do list and all the blog posts still in draft! So I suppose "Stay tuned for more!" once I figure out how to fit all that in around a couple of side projects and having a life outside of staring at a computer. Hmm, maybe stay tuned, but not at the edge of your seat.