I’m Redesigning My Business

But I hear I’m really supposed to call it “realigning.”

All terms aside, I’ve been realizing over the past who knows how many months that this site does not do me justice (or perhaps it does and I’d rather it not). Maybe I’ve just slowly had a clearer realization of what I do and why I do it. At my core I am not a web designer, developer, architect, master, specialist, or any other fancy word. I am the guy that enables others to achieve their goals, dreams, and purposes. I absolutely love to be the guy behind the curtain making the one in front of it succeed. Is that odd? Is it opposite that I enjoy more being the unseen force rather than the face on the billboard? Maybe it’s because I’ve learned that the meaning in “Behind every great man, there is a great woman” applies to so much more; that there is this power in being the one upon whom it all hangs.

All selfish and moral issues aside, I get excited when I can do something to boost another. Be it being an audio engineer, a camera operator, an anonymous donor, or a website guy, it is my passion for others to make it big. Yes, I do this (what you see around here) for money, it is my job, but it is also the medium I’ve chosen to really do what I do. I think when people ask me what I do, I shouldn’t answer “Oh, I make websites,” but instead, “I enable people to succeed.” It has a different ring to it doesn’t it? One out of ten people will be interested in the first statement, whereas probably seven out of ten will be interested in the second and ask what I mean (the other three will simply be confused or were just making conversation).

I feel like I’m just doing show and tell on the surface of this subject. It is something I would like to expand with more detail in following posts.

All of this is to explain why I am redesigning this site: because I am realigning my focus. Content about what I technically do and how I can technically help a business is lame. I want content that excites someone about what they can do! So I am midway through this process. I have rewritten a load of content to better express what I really do, and I’ve begun to sketch a layout which I think will be more visually in line with this as well as attractive.

Expect some changes around here. When? Well, if I’m writing about it, it may just keep me more motivated and on track! Write a comment, keep me accountable to continue working on it! I’d love it to come soon.

PS - In case anyone gets the wrong impression, I’m not coming down on the realign vs. redesign terminology. I love Cameron‘s writing and design; I was simply using it to get a point across. In other news, I don’t think my version of sIFR or the font I chose likes apostrophes…