Score a Dribble Invite

Dribbble just announced that they’ve sent out a new batch of invites for current users to draft new people. I didn’t get any, but it reminded me that I still have an invite to give away. If you want it, here’s how you can be drafted!

imageI’m going to do a little competition. Last time I just checked out people’s portfolios, but I want to have a some fun this draft round. So make something awesome by hand, take a photo of it, upload it, and drop me a link here or on Twitter. What you’re making is something of a physical Dribbble shot, so even though they are amazing and tasty, I’m not looking for pies (Rogie rocks, by the way). Think along the lines of a postcard, ransom note, art piece, or macaroni and Elmer’s glue. We do so much digitally that I think it will be enlightening and fun to do something tangible.

Other rules: Be creative, be goofy, be serious, make a point, or make me laugh. Above all, have fun with it.

Get your submissions in by next Friday (October 8th, let’s say 9pm PST). I’ll decide over the weekend and announce a winner who will receive the invite to Dribbble!

Update: Since I received zero responses, I decided I didn’t get word out there well enough. Take two - the deadline is now October 31st. Happy Halloween.