Version Three

Welcome to the new version of!1 Several months ago I took the site offline, deciding it was no longer suitable to represent me and my work. It has lain dormant while I focused on other projects, both on the web and off. Then, at the very end of January, I decided to go to WebStock, a web conference in Wellington. Not having a website, as a web developer, going into a geek conference somehow seemed like a bad idea! I had just two weeks to build the site. While I am under no illusions of its lack of completion, but am quite pleased to have designed the site and learned a new CMS (Expression Engine) in that short time before arriving on the North Island.

In the coming weeks, as time and projects allow, I plan on touching things up, tweaking bits here and there, and generally making the place even better! I’ve never used Expression Engine before, but in my short time with it, I have been really liking what it offers! So often I create my own CMS, but using one that lots of people have spent lots of time on is quite nice!

Take a look around the place. If you see something that isn’t setting how it should, go ahead and leave a note so I can look into it!

  1. Due to outdated versions of PHP and the effort to upgrade the old software, this version no longer exists. I'd like to get a static HTML version for posterity up at some point, but that may not happen - I've ported the blog posts instead. - PR, 2021 ↩︎